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Partenariat CHEMLYS – Technologies de détection de processus : a duo of experts for trace analysis !

Thanks to the development of renewable energies, mainly biomethane and hydrogen, CHEMLYS has made a place for itself with research and innovation centers and major industrialists invested in these markets requiring gas analysis.

The recognized expertise of CHEMLYS in the implementation of gas analysis allows the development of the company and the strengthening of its teams. CHEMLYS offers turnkey analytical solutions, based on chromatography, taking care of sampling, automation and exploitation of results.

Multi-gas GC analyzer for trace analysis

Modular GC platform for multicomponent analysis from ppb to %. PED, TCD, FID detectors
Simplified maintenance: direct access to valve compartments and electronic boards Accessories for calibration, dilution, filtration, channel selector
Ethernet communication for remote control Different communication protocols available: Serial/Profibus/Modbus/Ethernet

Since 2018, the company LDETEK is an integral part of Process Sensing Technologys.

Through its 7 brands including Michell Instruments, AII, NTRON, ROTRONIC, the PST Group has established itself as a leader in online moisture and oxygen analysis technologies.

This acquisition strengthens the group’s solution portfolio by bringing an innovative and powerful solution for trace analysis.

Pioneer in the use of the Plasmadetek detector, (PED plasma emission detector), Ldetek has developed a unique analytical solution for the characterization of impurities in pure gases (He, Ar, H2…) but also in complex matrices.

The LDTEK range is based around a Multidetek2 modular chromatographic platform (which can integrate a wide range of detectors, PED, TCD, FID…). It also includes a range of on-line analyzers for the characterization of impurities in pure gases (LD8000, LD8000 Multi-gas, LD2000).

The performance and specifications of Ldetek’s products and Chemlys’ expertise in these technologies favored the rapprochement between the two companies.
Today, the partnership between Chemlys and PST France is the assurance of a relevant answer and in complete adequacy with the expectations of the addressed markets.
  • Unique chromatographic performance for trace analysis: unmatched sensitivity and selectivity
  • A expertise and support as close as possible to your expectations for integration and sampling

Discover one of our achievements : Analysis of impurities in oxygen matrix

Process Sensing Technologies (PST) group composed of seven brands (Michell Instruments, Rotronic, SST, AII, Dynament, Ldetek, Ntron) dedicated to providing measurement, analysis and monitoring solutions.

As a global player in the measurement market, PST provides innovative and customized solutions for its customers in the energy sector (OIL&GAS, Hydrogen, Biogas), pharmaceutical industry, industrial gases, 3D printing…

Contact : Thomas MEILLER – /+33 6 86 50 06 95

Ldetek : Manufacturer of on-line analysis solutions and gas chromatographs. LDETEK solutions allow the characterization of impurities in pure gases from ppb to %.

CHEMLYS : Supplier of gas analyzers for industry and research, the company is renowned for its expertise. The company accompanies its customers from the definition of the need to the installation on site.

CHEMLYS stands out for its ability to design and manufacture custom solutions to meet the specific needs of each of its customers.

Contact : Marion Guichard – / +33 4 37 60 67 03

Keywords : GC, gas chromatography, gas analysis, trace analysis, pure gases, hydrogen

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