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Accessories and consumables for chromatography and sampling

To carry out your analyses, CHEMLYS offers a range of accessories and consumables for chromatography and sampling.

We have gathered in a catalog all the fittings, connection kits and consumables necessary for your laboratory.

This is why CHEMLYS also offers related products such as mobile solutions for field analysis: battery case, carrier gas for Micro GC, waterproof transport case with wheels, gas standards, …

Filtration of the sample in Micro GC

First, the quality of the sample in micro GC, as well as the quality of the carrier gas, is a key factor in achieving good results and ensuring proper operation of your instrument.

In addition, filtration allows the protection of your analyzers. It avoids sometimes high intervention costs and ensures the availability of the device. On the other hand, it is also an important element, guaranteeing the performance of your analyzer. Do not neglect this decisive element of sampling.

Thus, most filters contain elements that must be replaced regularly (membranes, frit disk). This is why it is important to renew them regularly to ensure effective protection.

The membrane filter is the most common protective device in Micro GC. It allows to retain liquids and particles accidentally present in the sample. This bypass filter has a very small internal volume and requires a limited sample flow. Thus, it is ideally sized for your Micro GC applications.


Secondly, the membrane filter exists in an inert version (SilcoNERT2000) and in a heated version (for analysis of BTEX, hydrocarbon,solvents and siloxanes).

Finally, for dry samples, presenting a very small volume (contained in vials, syringes), the inline particulate filter is the minimum and necessary protection.

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Surface treatments, treated parts and fittings

In partnership with Silcotek, CHEMLYS offers treated tubing and fittings for your corrosive gas applications or for trace analysis of reactive compounds.

Moreover, the adsorption phenomena of sulfur compounds or ammonia in particular are well known. To be able to analyze them in a representative way, it is necessary to be able to detect low concentration but above all, to ensure their transfer to the analyzer. Thus, the SilcoNERT2000 treatment is your ally for this type of applications.

Treatments can be applied on demand to your glass, ceramic and stainless steel parts.

Fittings and tubing in common sizes are available from stock :

  • Tube: stainless steel 1/8,  inox 1/16, 3 mm, 4-6 mm.
  • Union, tee, reducer, elbow … 

The most commonly used treatment in chromatography is SilcoNERT2000, equivalent to Sulfinert.

However, other specific treatments are available :

  • Dursan : corrosion resistance (H2S, acids, bases)
  • Silcolloy : oxidation resistance, suitable for very high temperatures (up to 1000°C)
  • Silcoguard : minimizes outgassing and improves productivity in a vacuum
  • Silcoklean : reduce carbon build-up on combustion-related components
  • Dursox : reduced contamination for semiconductor manufacturers. 
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Heated transfer lines

When performing on-line analysis of gaseous samples, it is important to ensure the integrity of the sample from the point of collection to the analyzer.

Thus, if your sample at the connection spot is hot, it may be necessary to transfer it to the analyzer via a heated transfer line.

heated transferline

Depending on the desired temperature and length, we offer two heated transfer line technologies :

  • Self-limiting : is suitable for temperatures between 80 and 150°C. Its installation is simple, economical and guarantees a safe use. This type of line allows the passage of several internal tubes in 1/8″ or 1/16″. Thus, it is possible to have a reserve in case of clogging. The temperature is stabilized around a temperature (-0°C/+30°C) in an intrinsic way.
  • Regulated : The regulated lines allow to reach higher temperatures, up to 350°C and to program the temperature more precisely. In addition, they are equipped with a control box and have an independent temperature control unit. This specification is essential to guarantee safety.

Accessories for mobile Micro GC applications on site

For your Micro GC applications in the field, CHEMLYS offers a range of accessories.

These accessories have been selected to ensure safe operation outside the laboratory. They allow you to transport, autonomy and use the Micro GC in any place.

autonomie micro gc
  • Transport case for Micro GC : protection of the analyzer against shocks. Practical thanks to its handles and its wheels.
  • Carrier gas case : It embeds two carrier gas cylinders for an autonomy of more than a week. It is proposed with its high purity and high security filling kit.
  • Battery case : This solution includes a battery and an inverter. It can power the Fusion Micro GC and a laptop for 4 to 6 hours on site (depending on configuration). An additional battery can be added to increase autonomy.
  • Transportable standard bottle : We offer an on-site calibration kit (1 kg only) adapted to the Micro GC Fusion (many gaseous compounds available).

Many accessories and consumables for chromatography are available

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