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The revolution in 3 minutes 

Micro GC Fusion award

Micro GC Fusion,
the miniaturised GC analyzer

This latest generation offers unique performances for a micro gas chromatograph. Indeed, discover the benefits of the temperature ramping in Micro GC Fusion and its modular and compact architecture.

A module is a complete gas analyzer: It has its own injector, analytical column and detector.

Therefore, the micro GC Fusion can carry up to 4 analytical modules for analysis of the most complex gases.

In addition, its ultra-light chassis and on-board computer significantly simplify gas analysis  both in the laboratory or on site.

The Advantages
of the Micro GC Fusion :

Avantages Fusion
  • Fast cycle time
  • High performances and proven technology
  • License-free embedded software
  • Easy to use
  • Requires a small amount of gas sample
  • Simplify on-site gas analysis
  • Robustness and stability of the gas analyzer

The unique specifications of
Micro GC Fusion
for gas analysis :

  • Analysis time 1 to 3 minutes
  • Parallel multi-modules analysis with ultra fast temperature programming
  • Miniaturized TCD detection system (MEMS) with FAST (Fusion Auto-sensing Technology) for sensitivity from 1ppm to 100% on the same analysis.
  • Touch screen for instrument control, analysis initiation and results.
  • Embedded software free-license, web-based user interface available from any browser.
  • Wifi and Ethernet connectivity for control of the instrument via smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Automatic multi-streams control with VALCO stream selector directly from the web interface.

Additional features including purging program, pressure and temperature control of the sample required ?

So, to extend the functionality of your Micro GC Fusion : discover CHEMBOX

Take benefit from the unique

specifications of the Micro GC Fusion® !

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MicroGC Fusion format 2 modules
Touchscreen display to view status and latest results. Run analyses without an external computer
Integrated Valco® multi-position valve control Optional: custom sampling, temperature, flow and pressure control
FAST® Technology: Fusion Auto-Sensing Technology, optimum detector setting in real time
Minimises analysis time through modularity (up to 4 GCs in parallel) and programmable column temperatures
Integrated WIFI: control from any terminal equipped with a browser (PC, tablet, smartphone)

What are the typical applications for Micro GC ?

The industrial or research applications are almost infinite.

Moreover, as specialists, we are also motivated to help our customers towards new applications with micro GC Fusion. Do not hesitate to talk to us about your research projects or industrial gas analysis problems.

See our application notes on Micro CG

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