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CHEMBOX, Micro GC Fusion® data management tool.

CHEMBOX is the essential tool for advanced features for your Micro GC Fusion.

First, Chembox is a small Micro GC Fusion data mining machine. It automatically retrieves analysis data acquired by the Micro GC Fusion®. This allows you to monitor your pilot plant in real time. CHEMBOX offers many added features to improve the exploitation of your analysis results.

  • Trend : retention times, raw or normalized concentrations, peak areas
  • Real-time monitoring : activate / deactivate real time tracking
  • Export : image or csv format, synthetic file on the selected range
  • Accessibility : Interface compatible with all browser, LAN / WIFI communication
  • New optional features : External sensors, Custom calculations, Toolbox

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Presentation of CHEMBOX for Micro GC Fusion

Create graphics that fit your needs:

First, choose which parameter(s) you want to display and for which compounds. This allows you to generate a wide variety of graphs from the same set of analyses. Display all your graphs in the same window for an overall view.

Then,track the changes in your compounds in real time. Chembox automatically adds the new values as soon as the analysis is complete.

Finally, export your graphs as an image (.jpeg or .png) to illustrate your work. Export your data sets in CSV format for specific reprocessing in Excel.

Graph editor features: dynamic zoom, statistics of the selected series, show/hide compounds on the graph


CHEMBOX, is also an intuitive and secure scan archiving and removal tool

Archiving of Micro GC Fusion analyses from the CHEMBOX is simplified. Indeed, select analyses, without size limit, by method or by date.

You can also delete large volumes of analyses from Micro GC Fusion without risk. An automatic backup of deleted runs is archived in CHEMBOX.

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CHEMBOX option External sensors

The External Sensors option allows you to centralise the analytical results of the Micro GC Fusion and your external sensors: pressure, temperature, flow and much more!

In addition, this option allows the programming of analysis sequences. You can define when to save the sensor values (before injection, after injection, after x seconds).

Finally, the addition of sensors is fully configurable.

  • Recording of sensor values (3 programmable times)
  • Saving the values in the native file of the analysis
  • Multi-stream management
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CHEMBOX Custom calculations option

With custom calculations, there is no need to apply external processing to your data. Do all your processing directly in CHEMBOX! !

CHEMBOX allows the application of fully configurable formulas using all available data (analysis results, sensors).

Finally, our CHEMBOX also allows you to graphically display all your calculations in real time.

  • Purity calculation
  • Detection of non-integrated compounds
  • Monitoring the stability of a reaction process

Add all your custom calculations with formula conformity check.

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CHEMBOX Toolbox option

The CHEMBOX toolbox is a set of automated processes developed to simplify usage or allow for the integration of custom features.

Do you have a specific need not covered by the basic functionality of Micro GC Fusion or CHEMBOX? CHEMLYS is at your disposal to develop your custom tool !

  • PDF Report Editor
  • Optimal automatic backflush setting on Molsieve module (MS5A)
  • Control card
  • And many more to come…
Already have your CHEMBOX? Contact us to get a free trial month!

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