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AnaLYS, your new versatile data transmission tool for Micro GC Fusion analyzer.

Protocole de communication entre un Micro GC Fusion et un automate AnaLYS

AnaLYS is a new communication tool for Micro GC Fusion.


In addition, it retrieves data and status from the Micro GC Fusion via Modbus TCP/IP protocol. Then, the tool allows the transmission of analog data and the management of alarms towards an industrial automaton.

Thus, for industrial automatons and analog PLCs, still very present in industrial environments, compatibility with the latest generation of Micro GC Fusion is assured.

AnaLYS is PLC-based to maintain analyzer independence from a particular OS and benefit from rock-solid stability. AnaLYS dialogs in Modbus with the  Micro GC Fusion and communicates to your PLC concentration values, alarms or general fault.
analys page accueil
Status of the Micro GC with the remaining analysis time and its status.
User-defined analysis conditions
Access to the “Settings” interface
  • Touch screen : 5”, resolution 800x 480 px
  • Internal memory : RAM 1 GB / ROM 6 GB (+2GB possible)
  • External memory : microSD or microSDHC up to 32GB (200Mbps max)
  • Ethernet port : 1
  • USB port : 1 (USB2.0)
  • Programmable digital inputs : 14
  • Analog inputs : 2
  • Temperature readings : 2 (Pt100 or thermocouple)
  • Relay outputs : 8
  • Analog Outputs : 2 (4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V) / Optional 8-output extension

Autres configurations possibles sur demande.

Download the AnaLYS brochure

Fields of application

ptr tof perf

Production control




Laboratory pilot