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Industry analytical solutions : Chemlys GC solutions to meet your needs.

In partnership with renowned manufacturers, CHEMLYS offers you analytical solutions designed for your applications.

Analyse drogue explosif

Manufacturing quality control

Pure gas, residual solvents, …


Industrial Hygiene

Levels of BTEX, VOCs, solvents in manufacturing or storage areas…

Pollution de l'eau

VOCs in wastewater

BTEX content, dissolved dichloromethane, compliance with EQS…

Your industrial needs are specific due to your environment and the associated constraints (Seveso site, plant with various risks…).

To enable you to concentrate on your core business, Chemlys can help you find the analytical solution best suited to your needs. We work on a wide range of issues within the same site.

Do you have a gas or liquid analyzer project?

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Benefit from the skills of our specialists to define the solution best suited to your needs, including :

– Custom sampling manufacturing

– Automation

– Industrial integration

– Analytical development

  • Analyzers adapted to your environmental constraints (ATEX, lack of space, no gas utilities nearby).
  • Wide range of GC detectors for trace analysis or selective analysis of certain compounds (e.g. sulfur compounds).
  • Analyzer formats to suit your requirements: 19″ rack, wall-mounted or pressurized box.

All applications are tested at the manufacturer’s to guarantee optimum performance!

A maintenance schedule is also provided over several years to keep the analyzer in optimum working order.

Choosing CHEMLYS means ensuring a turnkey solution, 100% adapted to your needs and environment.
In fact, we give priority to functional solutions, taking into account the operability and maintenance of analytical systems.

Our industry analytical solutions from CHROMATOTEC

For its industy analytical solutions, Chemlys work with the manufacturer Chromatotec.

Manufacturer of analyzers dedicated to industry since 1986, their analyzers are now references in several fields:

  • Specific pollution control (industrial hygiene)
  • Pollution control (ambient air)
  • Wastewater quality control (dissolved VOCs)
  • Odor control (olfactory nuisance)
  • Chemical and petrochemical process control

These analyzers hold numerous international environmental certifications (Mcert, US EPA, PAC), a guarantee of quality and robustness.

Chemlys builds your specific analytical solutions on the basis of CHROMATOTEC analyzers.

Indutry analytical solutions

A gas analysis project in an industrial environment?

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