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Who are we?

CHEMLYS’ priority is to develop a strong relationship with its customers to ensure success of their
projects in the field of physico-chemical analysis. The company is born near Lyon, in the heart of the french chemical valley.


With a long experience in the field of analytical chemistry and more particularly in GC and Micro GC technology. The company CHEMLYS wishes to be part of a qualitative approach and to organize its activity on a proposal of products and services turned towards the innovation.


Our skills in chemical analysis and our expertise in analyzer environment, sampling, data management and communication, both in industrial and research laboratories, constitute the foundation of the company.

CHEMLYS’ activities are mainly based on three areas of expertise and services.

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Sale of instruments and accessories

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Piecework repair of your micro GC 3000 and Fusion. As well as Maintenance Contracts adapted to your instruments. CHEMLYS is the European repair center for INFICON. Rental service of Micro GC Fusion.
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In order to master and optimize your use of gas analyzers, our company CHEMLYS offers you customized training. Thanks to the modules available in e-learning, install your Micro GC Fusion yourself independently and safely!
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  • January 2017 : Start of the company
  • September 2018 : Chemlys becomes the European repair center for the Inficon Micro GC product line following a validation of its competences at the R&D center at the INFICON factory in Syracuse.
  • January 2019 :  CHEMBOX launch, the first product developed by Chemlys. Chembox adds new functionalities to your Micro GC Fusion.
  • December 2019 : Moving to new premises in Vénissieux, larger, equipped with a more suitable laboratory and storage space.
  • May 2020 : ISO 9001 certification, level 1. In order to structure its development and ensure the best quality of service, CHEMLYS is committed to a certification process of its quality management system.
  • May 2021 : ISO 9001 certification, level 2. In order to structure its development and ensure the best quality of service, CHEMLYS is committed to a certification process of its quality management system.
  • June 2022 : Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015. Since June 2022, CHEMLYS’ activities have been certified in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 version 2015 standard. This recognition reflects our commitment to offering you high-performance products and providing you with quality service that meets your requirements.
  • September 2022 : Publication of our first CSR report. Launched in 2021, CHEMLYS benefited from support to structure its CSR approach. Our first report was published in September 2022 and marks the first stone in the structuring and development of our CSR approach.

Our Partners

In order to offer high-end solution and services, Chemlys developed strong partnerships with major key-players, recognized for their know-how and the quality of their products.

Founded in June 2000, INFICON is a market leader in vacuum and leak detection technologies. Theirs instruments are recognized in the industry.

Then INFICON entered the gas analysis market, and the Micro GC. Following the acquisition of the Micro GC 3000 range from Agilent Technologies in 2010.

Since 2017, Chemlys is the official distributor of Inficon’s Micro GC Fusion range in France, Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland. Recognized for its Micro GC expertise, the company is also Inficon’s European service center for the Micro GC 3000 and Fusion range.

Since January 2020, CHEMLYS also ensures the representation on Belgium and French-speaking Switzerland and the Maghreb.

First of all, Shimadzu is a Japanese group, a world leader specialized in analytical instrumentation. Founded in 1875 in Kyoto, this international group has a rich history of discoveries, innovations and world firsts. 

To date, Chemlys collaborates with Shimadzu France for the realization of custom-made GC. Gas valves, specific detectors and custom assembly have no secret for us.

Finally, the sturdiness of Shimadzu material combined with Chemlys’ know-how are the guarantee of the success of your projects.

TOFWERK is a Swiss company, specialized in the development of time-of-flight mass spectrometry analyzers. The company’s Swiss headquarters, which also houses the R&D and production departments, has all the skills and expertise required to develop OEM mass spectrometry products and solutions.

Then, in 2017, TOFWERK introduced the VOCUS PTR-TOF based on the latest generation of proprietary TOF and a proprietary PTR source.

CHEMLYS represents TOFWERK in France and provides installation, training and after sales service for the analyzers installed in France.

LDetek is a Canadian company specialized in the manufacture, development and integration of on-line gas analyzers, gas chromatography systems and related accessories.

Our mission is to provide reliable, high performance systems with the best technology on the market.

The wide range of products, applications and patents developed makes the LDetek portfolio attractive for many areas of gas analysis activities.

LDetek joined the PST Group in 2018 alongside Michell instruments among others. The PST Group thus enhances the know-how of its brands and promotes synergies between its technologies.

Chromatotec, a French manufacturer of gas and liquid analyzers, was founded in 1986 in Bordeaux as “Chromato-Sud”. It started from a technology that belonged to “Gaz de France” and managed to develop its technologies through the years. Nowadays, the company is also implanted in America and in Asia and proposes its solutions worldwide.

The company activities focus on gas and liquid monitoring in Industry and Environnement. Chromatotec’s specificity is the ability to manage technical constraints as IEC Ex environnement or lack of space. Chromatotec analyzers have been awarded with numerous certifications in the environmental field (Mcerts, US EPA, GOST) making them a reliable product over the years.

Chemlys decided to complete the range of solutions we can offer in Industry thanks to this partnership. From January 2023, Chemlys has become the official reseller and service contact for Chromatotec in France. The partnership alllows us to offer secure solutions in Industrial Hygiene and Effluent Quality Control.