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CHEMLYS, our expertise dedicated to your VOCs analyses.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are all around us: the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee, the scent of your nail polish or that “new” smell of your new shoes.
Some are harmless, while others can be toxic at low levels (ppb), even with little exposure. VOCs are therefore studied to better understand their impact on our health.
For effective monitoring, Chemlys offers the CI-TOF for real-time VOC analysis.
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 VOCUS CI-TOF MS : The ultimate high-performance analyzer for real-time VOCs monitoring.

CI-TOF spécifications

In partnership with  TOFWERK, CHEMLYS brings you a high-performance solution for real-time analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using CI-TOF MS.

Nowadays, CI-TOF offers unique specifications:

  • Up to 2 ionization sources, interchangeable in seconds: PTR (Proton transfer reaction) and Aim
  • Up to 10x more sensitive than current analyzers
  • Sub-ppt detection limit in seconds
  • Resolution up to 10,000 M/ΔM
  • Powerful, intuitive software
  • Compact version for field applications with embedded web software for simplified acquisition and monitoring

CHEMLYS provides installation, training and after-sales service for the VOCUS CI-TOF range throughout France.

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What is CI-TOF MS ?

The CI-TOF is a trace VOC analyzer. Its fundamental specifications are its unrivalled sensitivity to VOCs and its absence of interference with the air.

Another advantage of this technology is the real-time detection of hundreds of species simultaneously.

This makes it the analyzer of choice for monitoring pollutants and volatile compounds in ambient air or the atmosphere.

CI-TOF operation with the PTR reactor in brief:

  • Ionization source: proton transfer reaction from an H3O+ molecule to our VOCs.
  • Focusing and transfer of the ions produced to the mass spectrometer
  • Detection of ionized species by time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF). The use of TOF enables us to achieve unprecedented performance in terms of resolution and sensitivity compared with a quadrupole

The applications of CI-TOF MS go far beyond the atmospheric chemistry applications that contributed to its development.

  • Monitoring VOC emissions from manufactured products (paint, automotive equipment, sports shoes)
  • Study of chemical molecules that mark intra/inter-species communication in plants and animals
  • Determination of TCA (trichloroanisole) in natural corks
  • Identification of markers in exhaled air for disease detection in hospitals
  • Analysis and characterization of complex samples for forensic investigations: drugs, explosives, etc.

Several VOCUS ranges are available to meet your needs:

Elf: compact and transportable, an asset for your analyses on the field

Eiger: real-time monitoring of simple compositions for low-level molecules

Scout: entry-level model to access dual reactors for greater analytical precision.

S: a highly sensitive precision tool for your research needs

2R: The “Rolls” of research analyzers

Detailed specifications HERE
Vocus SCOUT CI-TOF - Real time COV analysis

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