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CHEMLYS, our expertise for your complex GC – PTR-TOF analyses

In partnership with renowned manufacturers, CHEMLYS offers you analytical solutions designed for your application.

First, benefit from the skills of our specialists for the design and realization of your custom analyzers:

– Realization of 3D plans
– Custom sample unit manufacturing
– Automation
– Industrial integration
– Analytical development

Thus, choosing CHEMLYS is to ensure a turnkey solution, 100% adapted to your needs and your environment.
Indeed, we favor functional solutions taking into account the operability and maintenance of analytical systems.

GC sur mesure

GC analyzers : CHEMLYS is a partner of the manufacturer SHIMADZU.

Our GC solutions mainly address two main application areas:

  • Standard analyses in petrochemistry and refining: Lowox, RGA, NGA, …
  • industrial on-line analysis: gas and liquid sampling, multiplexing, automation

As a result, our expertise, combined with the performance and robustness of SHIMADZU hardware, allows you to benefit from a turnkey solution. As a result, CHEMLYS provides you with a guarantee of performance and quality support.

Common applications: Determination of oxygenates (ASTM D7423 / D7754), Natural gas composition (ASTM D1945), LPG composition (NF EN 27941) and Refinery gas (NF EN 15984)…

GC SHIMADZU Nexis 2030

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det specifiques

Specific detectors for GC

Most of the analyses in gas chromatography are carried out by means of common detectors, TCD, FID but sometimes, these are not enough!

So to provide selectivity or sensitivity in particular, specific detectors are available.

Thus, by taking advantage of the modularity of the Shimadzu GC platform, CHEMLYS installs and optimizes these specific detectors on your GC systems.

  • PFPD for the analysis of sulfur compounds mainly in very low levels
  • PDHID almost universal detector for trace analysis (down to ppb)
  • PED which brings in addition to the sensitivity a selectivity on the targeted compounds
  • PID VOC trace detector
  • And others …

In this application, the compounds of interest are: Argon, Azote, Methane, Krypton

Therefore, the difficulty of this application lies mainly in the fact that it is not possible to separate Argon and pure Oxygen at room temperature on existing chromatographic columns.

With the installation of the optical plasma (PED), the GC analyzer benefits from the following advantages

  • Simple analytical configuration (valve – column – detector)
  • No cryo required
  • Selective detection of compounds of interest
  • No routine maintenance

Opposite :
Chromatogram of a pure oxygen (O2) sample: Argon analysis at 0.3 ppm and Nitrogen (N2) at 4.9 ppm.

gc 2030 ped
chromato impuretés dans o2

Do you also have a specific analysis project?

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ptr tof perf

The VOCUS PTR-TOF MS : the ultimate high-performance analyzer for real-time VOC monitoring.

To date, in partnership with the company TOFWERK, CHEMLYS brings you a high-performance solution for real-time volatile organic compound (VOC) analysis using PTR-TOF MS.

Thus, throughout France, CHEMLYS provides installation, training and after-sales service for the VOCUS PTR-TOF range.

  • Patented PTR (Proton transfer reaction) ionization source with ion focusing cell
  • Up to 10x more sensitive than currently available analyzers
  • Sub-ppt detection limit in seconds
  • Resolution up to 15 000
  • Powerful and intuitive software
  • Compact version for field applications with embedded web software for easy acquisition and tracking

Find out more about the VOCUS PTR-TOF in this article !

To meet your needs, several lines of VOCUS are available:

Elf : compact and transportable, the asset for your analyses in the field

M : real time monitoring of simple compositions for low content molecules

S : a highly sensitive precision tool for your research

2R : The “Rolls” of analyzers for research

Find the detailed specifications HERE

What is the PTR-TOF MS ?

First, the fundamental specifications of PTR-TOF are its unmatched sensitivity to VOCs and its no interference with air.

Second, the other advantage of this technology is the real-time detection of hundreds of species simultaneously.

Therefore, it is the analyzer of choice for monitoring pollutants, volatile compounds in the ambient air or atmosphere.

How the PTR-TOF MS works in a nutshell:

  • Ionization source: proton transfer reaction from a H3O+ molecule to our VOC.
  • Focusing and transfer of the produced ions to the mass spectrometer
  • Detection of ionized species by time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF). The use of TOF allows to reach new performances in terms of resolution and sensitivity compared to a quadrupole.

The applications of PTR-TOF MS go far beyond the atmospheric chemistry applications that contributed to its development.

  • Monitoring VOC emissions from manufactured products (paint, automotive equipment, athletic shoes)
  • Study of chemical molecules markers of intra/inter species communication in the plant or animal world
  • Determination of TCA (trichloroanisole) in natural corks
  • Marker identification in exhaled air  for hospital-based disease detection
  • Analysis and characterization of complex samples for forensic investigations: drug testing, explosives

For more information :

Read this article (in English)

To know the fundamentals and the applications of the PTR-TOF :

Follow the webinar online