Pyrolysis of biomass: renewable energy

Biomass pyrolysis and gasification are ways to convert waste into a valuable fuel. This is one of the means studied in France to ensure the energy transition to a 100% renewable mix in 2050.
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The Micro GC Fusion is a simple and powerful gas analyzer commonly used for the control of biomass pyrolysis units.

Now, the Fusion modules’ column are temperature programmable. This unique innovation in MicroGC allows the separation of C2 and C3 isomers without compromise and on a single column.
In this case, the sample is from a biomass pyrolysis pilot. The gases produced during the pyrolysis are recoverable. This process requires the measurement of the produced compounds to test its effectiveness.

Previously, on the previous generation, it was necessary to use two modules to perform the same analysis. One module for C2 separation and one module for detailed C3 separation. With the temperature programming of the Micro GC Fusion, a single RT-Q module is sufficient for both C2 and C3 analysis.

With the micro GC Fusion, a single method can cover all the concentrations observed over the entire reaction kinetics. Indeed, with its new µTCD autorange and powerful modern integration engine, micro chromatography has never been so easy.

Analyse en Micro GC de gaz de pyrolyse de la biomasse avec la programmation de température

Identification of compounds: Air, Methane (CH4), Carbon dioxide (CO2), H2O (water, humidity), Acetylene, Ethylene, Ethane, Propane, Propylene/Propene, Propadiene

Instrument : Micro GC Fusion module RTQ

Method :
Injector: Variable Volume

Column: RT-Q 12m (Argon carrier gas)

Column temperature :

  • Programming: 45°C for 30 seconds >> 140°C (0.5°C/s) for 30 seconds

The Micro GC Fusion, thanks to the temperature programming, allows for improved performance.
This application note illustrates the capabilities of Micro GC Fusion to analyze all C2 and C3 isomers in a single module. With the addition of add-on modules, the Micro GC Fusion allows for the detailed analysis of more than 50 gaseous compounds in a single analysis.

Discover for example the performances of the micro GC Fusion for the analysis of BTEX and siloxanes, common impurities in biogas.

Keywords: chromatography, micro gc, hydrocarbon analysis, biomass pyrolysis, gasification, temperature programming, plot column