Video tutorial Micro GC Fusion : Calibration of the method in Micro GC Fusion

Since version 1.7 of the Micro GC Fusion software, a new calibration mode is available. You now have the possibility to calibrate your method on the average of several analyses of the standard.

The external calibration used in Micro GC allows to define a concentration value for a given area value. A good calibration guarantees reliable analysis results.
The Micro GC has a µTCD detector renowned for its linearity. And this, on a large concentration range (1 ppm to 100%) so it requires few calibration points.

With the 1.7 update, Inficon offers to facilitate this essential step in the use of any chromatography device.
The interface has been simplified to be even more intuitive. We will guide you through this video to complete the important steps of starting your Micro GC Fusion.

With the Inficon 1.7 update, it is now possible to calibrate your analyses on the average of the standard analyses.

Can’t find this feature on your Micro GC Fusion gas analyzer? Check to see if your instrument is up to date!

Micro GC Fusion software updates are free and available upon request to our technical department. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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