Video tutorial on column bakeout in Micro GC Fusion

What is the purpose of column bakeout? How to do it on the Micro GC Fusion?

Bakeout of the Micro GC column is one of the few preventive maintenance operations to be carried out. Indeed, the Micro GC is an analyzer without consumable and almost without maintenance!

Since the introduction of Fusion®, column bakeout in Micro GC is less and less frequent. Indeed, thanks to the temperature programming, heavier or unwanted compounds are eluted at each analysis. They do not get stuck in the column at temperatures too low for elution.

However, mainly on molecular sieves and after a long period of downtime, regeneration may be necessary. This can also occur if the backflush time is not set correctly or  if the carrier gas quality  is not sufficient. For more information on both of these topics, see our dedicated blog posts.

This video introduces you to the principle of bakeout and how to implement it on your Micro GC Fusion.