Rapid analysis of neon (Ne) and carbon monoxide (CO)

The Micro GC Fusion is the ideal analyzer for the measurement of permanent gases: hydrogen (H2), helium (He), neon (Ne), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), methane (CH4) and carbon monoxide (CO).

Neon and carbon monoxide are tracers that allow the study of diffusion patterns in the lungs. This application note presents a sub-40 second analysis of these compounds in the context of pulmonary fibrosis research.

By injecting carbon monoxide (CO) and neon (Ne) simultaneously, researchers define pulmonary diffusion patterns. The diffusion coefficient of CO varies with pathology. Neon, which does not diffuse in the lungs, is used as a tracer.

For this work, it was necessary to obtain a fast measurement. But more importantly, it was necessary to find an analyzer that uses a very small sample volume. Thanks to its MEMS injector, the Micro GC Fusion uses a very small amount of sample for the analysis.

Fusion neon co

Identification of compounds: Carbon monoxide (CO), Neon (Ne), Nitrogen (N2), Oxygen (O2)

Instrument : Micro GC Fusion module RT-Molesieve (Tamis moléculaire MS5A)

Method :
Injector: Variable Volume

Column: RT-Molesieve 10m

Column temperature:

  • Isothermal 130°C

The Micro GC Fusion is a miniaturized gas chromatograph. Thus, it performs rapid analyses, sometimes in the order of 30 to 40 seconds.

The miniaturization of the system also allows to consume very little sample gas for the analysis. Indeed, less than one milliliter of gas is sufficient for a quality analysis.

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Keywords: chromatography, micro gc, sensitivity, rapid analysis