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CHEMLYS & TOFWERK have a lot of information to share with you this fall.

The second VOCUS PTR-TOF in France installed within the PACE platform of CEFE at Montpellier.

Thanks to this high-performance analyzer and its accessories, the laboratory is considering new applications and the deepening of research themes that constitute the DNA of the laboratory.


New Vocus PTR-MS : Elf made his return

vocus elf ptr-ms
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The most compact PTR-TOF for mobile VOC monitoring applications.

With only 55kg and a power consumption of less than 500W, the VOCUS Elf allows field applications.

VOCUS Elf becomes your ally of choice for toxic emissions monitoring. Indeed, it will be able to cover on-site measurements or research of pollutant emission sources, production control…

The first release of the Elf VOCUS was used to map VOC emissions in the city. The PTR-TOF was simply integrated into a vehicle.

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Discover the very first information about the VOCUS CORK ANALYZER…

This analyzer is designed to measure TCA (trichloroanisole). This molecule is responsible for the “cork taste” in wines.

This application presents different challenges because it aims to individually control all the caps :

  • with a high output compatible with industrial use
  • with a very low TCA detection limit (~ppt)
  • in a matrix (=cork) highly charged in volatile compounds

The VOCUS Cork analyzer required several months of evaluation and optimization. In addition, the processing of the result and the industrial integration were also under study.

This analyzer will be officially introduced at SIMEI in novembre 2019.

vocus cork analyzer
How does the sensitivity of the VOCUS make it possible to meet industrial challenges?

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