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Creative chromatography for simpler and faster solutions.

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Chemlys is a team of specialists in physico-chemical analysis.

Located in the heart of the chemical valley near Lyon and working with the international, the company offers products and services mainly based on chromatography for industrial and laboratory clients.

Thus, depending on the customer’s needs, several solutions for gas or liquid measurement can be implemented.

Our clients testify

"We are not experts in gas sampling and would not have known how to do it, that's why we preferred to turn to Chemlys. They are very efficient in their field and were able to provide us with relevant solutions with micro GC. We are very satisfied."


"Chemlys' study service convinced us, especially the study day conducted on our premises, as our need for gas analysis is quite specific."

Synchrotron SOLEIL - Saclay

"The on-site training as well as the maintenance and especially the technical support are very good. I think that's what made the difference when choosing CHEMLYS for its chromatography expertise."

INP Toulouse

Why use the services of experts in chromatography ?

Your research or industrial processes involve gas molecules ?

And you’re looking for experts to better qualify your operations with simple and quick information about gas molecules?

Chemlys allows you to measure and control directly any type of gas and thus to be able to :

  • Ensure the integrity of your research

  • Guarantee the quality of your products

  • Optimize your industrial processes

We provide our customers with immediate gas data in their process or environment through our GC and Micro GC (gas chromatography) solutions.

What types of gases can be measured?

The range of gas molecules that can be analyzed is broad and configurable depending on what you are looking for in terms of compounds. However, the most common gases are:

  • Light gases (He, H2, O2, N2, CO, CH4, CO2)
  • Rare gases (Ar, Xe, Kr, Ne)
  • Hydrocarbons, Olefins
  • H2S, H2O, NH3, N20, Light alcohols,
  • BTEX et polar compounds
  • Hydrocarbons up to C12

Do you want to measure other gases?
We probably have the solution!

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What types of customers are concerned by micro GC or GC gas analysis?

All industries and research laboratories are faced with the need to know the composition of gases to ensure or improve their processes. However, our principal customers for chromatography are:




Petrochemicals and Refining


Laboratory and Universities

Why choose CHEMLYS products and services for gas analysis?

Choosing Chemlys means opting for simple and fast solutions to measure gases.

But it also means trusting an experienced team of chromatography experts. We can help you to set up your equipment properly and ensure follow-up over time in order to establish a real partnership.

CHEMLYS is also a tailor-made support for the integration of the analyser in your working environment and the adaptation to your processes.

Do you have a question for your application?

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