Trace analysis of sulfur compounds in Micro GC Fusion (1 ppm)

Micro GC technology is renowned for its stability and the range of concentrations possible in a single analysis. Indeed, it is possible with a single method to analyze from a few ppm to several percent.

More and more, the ease of use of the Micro GC is attracting new users. On the other hand, requests for analysis at 1 ppm are more and more frequent.
Learn how the Fusion Micro GC can meet these user expectations.

This application note illustrates a major advance in micro GC Fusion. The new µTCD with FAST technology.
From now on, the µTCD is autoranging. This means that the detector response is automatically optimized, during the analysis, according to the concentration of each compound.

In this case, the sample has concentrations for each compound that can vary from a few ppm to several % on fast kinetics.
Previously, on the previous generation, it was necessary to implement three different methods to cover the whole range, from a few ppm to more than 50%.

With the micro GC Fusion, a single method can cover all the concentrations observed over the entire reaction kinetics. Indeed, the micro GC Fusion has a new autoranging µTCD and a modern integration engine. Thus, a single method can now replace three methods required on the previous generation.

H2S COS 2ppm biomethane

Compound Identification: Carbon dioxide (CO2), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Carbonyl sulfide (COS)

Instrument : Micro GC Fusion module RT-U

Sample : Biomethane – 2 ppm H2S, COS
Method :
  • Injecteur : Large Volume Variable
  • Colonne : RT-U 12m
  • Température de colonne : isotherme : 60°C

The micro GC Fusion has received many improvements over the previous generation. Indeed, we have been able to demonstrate the interest of column temperature programming on many applications.
On the detector side, the µTCD has also passed through the hands of the R&D team. Thus, from now on, it integrates an autorange management of the signal and allows the analysis of traces with a quantification at 1 ppm for most of the compounds.

From then on, its ease of use and stability, for which it is known, are reinforced by unique specifications. 

Keywords: chromatography, micro gc, sensitivity, trace analysis, H2S, COS, TCD detector, NEMS