Air analysis on a single module

Nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and CO2, the main components of ambient air, are compounds regularly analyzed in Micro GC. Indeed, the measurement of their respective variations indicates a defect of sealing, the presence of a leak or the breathing of certain bacteria. We find in many applications the need to monitor these compounds.

Previously, in isothermal Micro GC, two complementary modules were required to perform this analysis. Now, thanks to the temperature programming, the Micro GC Fusion allows the analysis of these compounds of interest on a single module.

The Micro GC Fusion incorporates temperature programming column temperature programming for each module.  

This innovation, unprecedented to date in Micro GC, offers the ability to solve complex applications not previously covered or with improved performance.
It also allows in certain fields to reduce the number of modules necessary for a given application. Thus the working capacity of the chromatographic column over its entire temperature range extends the possibilities of analysis.

This application note illustrates the analysis on a single molecular sieve module of O2, N2 and CO2.

mesure production de CO2

Identification of compounds: Oxygen (O2), Nitrogen (N2), Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Instrument: Micro GC Fusion Molecular Sieve Module (MS5A)

Method :
Injector: Variable volume

Column: Molecular sieve (MS5A) 10m

Column temperature:

  • Programming: 65°C for 60 seconds >> 230°C (1.5°C/s) for 50 seconds

The Micro GC Fusion incorporates innovations unique to Micro GC, including temperature programming.
This new feature allows in some applications to reduce the number of modules needed. For example, it is possible to analyze O2, N2 and CO2 on the same column.

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Keywords : chromatography, micro gc, temperature programming, molecular sieve column, air