Rapid and economic analysis of natural gas composition

The measurement of the calorific value of natural gas and the analysis of its composition details are among the most famous applications of Micro GC technology for several years.
Indeed, thanks to its compact size and its speed, it has quickly become a must for natural gas analysis.

The Micro GC Fusion is the 3rd generation of Micro GC. It introduces for the first time temperature programming in a miniaturized analyzer. This unique specification allows it to analyze natural gas with a single module where the second generation required 2 different modules.

The Fusion is a fast, efficient and economical solution for the measurement of natural gas compounds. It also provides automatic access to the calculations required in the natural gas industry (NGA, BTU, Wobbe Index, Relative Density, Compressibility Factor, etc.), liquefied gases (LPG), biomethane and biogas.

The addition of several modules extends the measurement capabilities of the Micro GC Fusion, notably for the complementary analysis of H2S, COS, TBM and THT.

Learn how the micro GC FUSION enables rapid analysis of natural gas composition.


Compound identification: Nitrogen (N2), Methane (CH4), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Ethane, Propane, isobutane, n-Butane, isopentane, n-Pentane, hexanes (C6), heptanes (C7), octanes plus (C8+)

Instrument : Micro GC Fusion module RT-Q Bond

Method :
Injector: Variable Volume
Column: RT-Q Bond 12m
Column temperature :

  • Programming: 60°C for 50 seconds > 127°C (2°C/s) for 10 seconds > 220°C (2.5°C/s) for 110 seconds

Thanks to its innovations, Micro GC Fusion allows the analysis of natural gas on a single module. Indeed, the temperature programming available on this device allows to get rid of the second module necessary in isothermal.

Results and calculations are in accordance with industry standards and follow the following norms:

  • GPA (Gas Processors Association) 2172, 2145-09
  • ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) D3588
  • ISO (International Standards Organization) 6976

The Micro GC Fusion revolutionizes gas analysis with an intuitive and very simple interface. It can be controlled via its touch screen or via a web interface.

Keywords: chromatography, micro gc, temperature programming, natural gas, biomethane, HCV