Quick analysis C1 – C5 in 34 seconds

Gas analysis in the drilling and exploration field is essential. Measurements must be fast, accurate and performed in the field.

The Micro GC Fusion The Micro GC Fusion incorporates an innovative miniaturized temperature programming technology that makes it the ideal analyzer for this type of application. As a result, it performs rapid C1 – C5 analysis in 34 seconds!

In particular, it allows continuous monitoring (24/7) of the composition of gases from C1 to C5 in 34 seconds and from C1 to C8 in less than 2 minutes. An added analytical module allows it to analyze even more compounds according to the user’s specific needs. In particular, it can analyse aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylenes, cyclohexane, methyl cyclohexane etc.).

The Micro GC Fusion is simple to use and easily accessible thanks to its touch pad and its ultra intuitive interface.

This presentation illustrates how the Micro GC FUSION allows rapid analysis of gas composition in the field in drilling and exploration environment. Results and calculations required are consistent with industry standards.

Fusion module A mud logging fusion mud logging chromatogram module B

Compound identification: methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), Ethylene, Ethane, Propylene, Propane, i-C4, n-C4, i-C5, n-C5, n-C6, Benzene, Cyclohexane, n-C7, Methylcyclohexane, Toluene, n-C8

Instrument : Micro GC Fusion 2 modules (RT-Q Bond, Rxi-1ms)

Method :
Module A :

  • Injector: Variable Volume
  • Column: RT-Q 8m
  • Column temperature: Programming: 55°C for 15 seconds >> 220°C (5°C/s) for 10 seconds

Module B :

  • Injector: Variable Volume
  • Column: Rxi-1ms 10m
  • Column temperature: Programming: 75°C for 9 seconds >> 220°C (5°C/s) for 12 seconds

The MicroGC Fusion revolutionizes gas analysis with an intuitive and very simple interface. Chromatography becomes accessible to all. It can be controlled via its touch screen, on a computer, with a phone or a tablet via a web interface.

The temperature programming available on this Micro GC generation allows to extend the applications. Indeed, one benefits from the whole working range of the column. Thus, the analysis of C1 to C8 is done on a single module. This specification is still unpublished in Micro GC.

The C1 – C8 quick analysis is essential for the mud logging application.

Keywords : chromatography, micro gc, temperature programming, mud logging, C1-C8 hydrocarbons