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Here we are ! The holiday season is over and we all return to work. You can get back to your labs and processes and resume your daily activities


At Chemlys, we have decided to stay by your side to ensure you a smooth start.

Because going back to work also means…

Chemlys, in collaboration with CMI Roullier, has produced a poster on the analysis of gases from livestock effluents.

Methanization, anaerobic digestion and ammonia production were among the topics presented by Nicolas Joguet, Head of the Environment and Effluents Division, and Lun JING, Head of the Metabolomics – PCBA Division.

On very different topics, the same analyzer, the Micro GC Fusion, enabled simple and rapid analyses.

Find out more below:

…catch up on the latest news !

Chemlys will organise 2 workshops along with its new partner Chromatotec, on September 28th, about two current issues : the Quality of Effluent and Industrial Hygiene.

Both are hot topics these days as they have a strong impact on your activities and on the environment.

Discussions, monitoring, and tests will allow you to get back into the swing of things. At this occasion, we’ll be hosted by Axel’One in Solaize, south of Lyon.

To register, click below:

…have a good tidy-up

Chemlys services for Micro GC 3000

Micro GC 3000s are a generation of Micro GCs still in use in many laboratories.

Small, robust, yet obsolete for over 5 years, they are still repairable. Chemlys, an expert center for Micro GC, has chosen to continue repairs as long as this remains possible, despite the manufacturer’s discontinuation of parts production.

This commitment is in line with the company’s values and CSR policy.

Find out more about the possibilities for recycling these dormant devices in the following flyer:

…make good deals

For the back-to-school season, Chemlys is offering for sale its demonstration analyzer for monitoring impurities in hydrogen.

This analyzer, which complies with EN17124 and ISO126867-2 specifications, will enable you to validate hydrogen quality with regard to the standard’s most critical compounds (CO, H2S, etc.).

More information on the flyer :


The back-to-school season isn’t over yet.

Stay tuned for more surprises to come!

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