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CHEMLYS still repairs the micro GC 3000 thanks to its stock of spare parts.

The micro GC 3000 was introduced in the early 2000’s by Agilent Technologies. Then in 2011 the micro GC 3000 product line was acquired by INFICON.

Since the creation of CHEMLYS in 2017 and its partnership with INFICON, CHEMLYS has become the European repair center for the INFICON micro GC product lines. This obviously concerns the Fusion micro GC, the latest version of Micro GC, but also all the micro GC 3000s sold.


the unique worldwide repair center for the 3000 micro GC !

Since 2017, the 3000 range has been made obsolete by the manufacturer INFICON but CHEMLYS is still able to repair your Micro GC 3000 instruments. We are now the only repair center worldwide for this range of micro GC! We receive instruments from all over the world in our laboratory in France.

CHEMLYS has always defended its position on after-sales service: we want to be able to provide a repair solution to our customers in order to maintain the instruments as long as possible and thus limit the impact on the environment. Maintaining devices for as long as possible means limiting the resources needed to manufacture new devices.

Why CHEMLYS is committed to repair: to maintain the equipment over a maximum life span
  • to limit maintenance and investment costs for our customers
  • to limit the resources needed to manufacture new devices
3000 micro gc

You no longer have any use for your Micro GC?

Chemlys buys it back from you!

In our activities, we are selling Micro GC analyzers. However, we also observe that, in some cases, these instruments are used for a relatively short period of time in relation to their life span. You have purchased a Micro GC for a project? At the end of the project, you realize that you do not need it anymore?

Chemlys offers you different solutions for the valorisation of your unused equipment. We can buy them from you in order to give them a new use. We can also offer you to make them available to other users in the form of rental. The rental is a service proposed by CHEMLYS and is very popular with the users.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

After-sales service, repair, rental

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