Chembox Presentation Video – Micro GC Fusion Data Management

CHEMBOX is a tool for the exploitation of micro GC Fusion data.

Indeed, CHEMBOX allows you to draw graphs and follow trends in real time. Moreover, the graphical tool allows a dynamic zoom and the display of statistics by compound. You can export the displayed data in csv and the graph in image (jpeg or png).

CHEMBOX also allows you to manage the archiving and deletion of Micro GC Fusion data in a more efficient and secure manner.

Discover in this video the main features of the CHEMBOX.
Find a presentation of the CHEMBOX and its specifications on the dedicated page.

Our product CHEMBOX integrates new optional features. In particular, you will find an option to integrate customized calculations using all available data from Micro GC results: retention time, peak area, raw or normalized concentration … But are also available the totals of the peaks not identified by module.

The option “Sensors” allows the integration of sensor values in Modbus at defined times. This option handles multi-channel sequencing and sampling and allows fully configurable configuration of any sensor in Modbus TCP/IP or, via a converter, analog sensor.

Finally, thanks to the “Toolbox option,” you have the possibility to add macros for the automation of customized tasks developed by CHEMLYS. The first releases concern PDF report editing, automatic backflush time setting, mass deletion of analyses on the Micro GC Fusion…

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