SO2 analysis in 60 seconds

Evaluation of the efficiency of a catalyst by Micro GC.
One of the most common methods of producing sulfuric acid uses an oxidation step of sulfur dioxide (SO2) to sulfur trioxide (SO3) using a catalyst.

Continuous monitoring of the catalyst efficiency is essential for a production unit. Micro GC Fusion is a small, portable and fast analyzer, ideal for on-site measurements. Its Micro TCD detector allows the quantification of a concentration range from 100% to a few ppm. It is therefore a tool of choice for research and pilot monitoring in catalysis and particularly for SO2 analysis.

Micro GC technology is very popular for gas analysis in the field of catalysis. The Micro GC Fusion allows rapid analysis of a wide range of compounds in less than two minutes.

This application note focuses on SO2 analysis in sulfuric acid production before and after the catalyst bed.
The performance of the Micro GC Fusion allows the complete composition of a gas phase to be monitored online. This is valid even for complex mixtures.

The Micro GC Fusion requires a small volume of gas for analysis. This specification makes the analyzer a very common tool in research. Indeed, in an R&D context, the volumes available for the first steps are generally low.
The evaluation of the efficiency of a catalyst by monitoring the gas phase is therefore easy and efficient thanks to the Micro GC Fusion.

chromatogramme SO2 en fonction de la concentration

Compound identification: Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Air

Instrument : Micro GC Fusion module RT-Q Bond

Method :
Injector: Variable Volume
Column: RT-Q Bond 12m
Column temperature :

  • Programming: 75°C for 10 seconds >> 200°C (1.5°C/s)

The Micro GC Fusion, thanks to temperature programming, allows  improvement of performances for the analysis of compounds considered difficult. This is the case for ammonia, water and SO2, discussed in this application note.

Thanks to the temperature programming but also to the total absence of cold point in the analyzer, SO2 analyses are improved.

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Keywords: chromatography, micro gc, online analysis, catalysis, SO2, temperature programming, column plot