FAST technology, from a few ppm to 100% on the same analysis

Gas analyzers are often confronted with problems of signal saturation on compounds in high concentration. A second analysis is often necessary with a reduced signal acquisition range. Under these conditions, the losses in sensitivity, time and performance are significant.

The FAST technology of the Micro GC Fusion enables analysis of both high and low levels in a single analysis with its ultra-efficient auto-range system. The sensitivity, linearity and measurement performance of the Micro TCD detector are maintained, even in the most extreme cases.

In addition, the Micro GC Fusion now includes the temperature programming. Therefore, the combination of the innovative specifications of this analyzer allows a performance gain on all Micro GC applications.

TCD autorange sur le Micro GC Fusion

Identification of compounds: Nitrogen (N2), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Ethane, Ethylene

Instrument : Micro GC Fusion module RT-Q bond

The FAST technology allows the micro GC Fusion to cover all the gaseous compounds of a mixture, from a matrix close to 100% to all the impurities in the ppm range. This technical note shows the benefits of this electronic micro-catharometer system.

CHEMLYS has also tested this functionality. We were able to reduce the number of methods needed to cover the different process conditions at a customer site. Thus, find an illustration in this application note.

Keywords : chromatography, micro gc, sensitivity, innovation, µTCD