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During a trip, we asked one of our very first clients to answer a few questions. 


Mr. Olivier RALLIERES of the INP of Toulouse,  was able to talk about his user experience…

installation de deux Micro GC en parallèle.

Installation and testing of two Micro GC Fusion at INP Toulouse – Chemlys

Can you briefly describe your activities and research themes?
My research interests are related to hydrogen, especially fuel cells and electrolyzers.  I study among other things the characterization, modeling and aging of fuel cells.


Did you know about Micro GC before? Did you have any preconceived notions about it?
I did not know Micro GC before. The Hydrogen theme being multi-laboratory, I consulted colleagues who had Micro GC. On the occasion of the public market for a Micro GC, I discovered Chemlys, which had just opened. We liked their technical offer with the Micro GC Fusion, so we gave them a chance despite the “youth” of the company.


What is your opinion today with hindsight (advantages, disadvantages)?
In terms of advantages, I would say the very fast implementation, the ease of use and the quality of the measurement. No disadvantages come to mind for the moment.


How did you find Chemlys’ service (Definition of the need, support, problem solving, etc.)
Very good, both the on-site training and the maintenance and especially the technical follow-up by phone and the availability to answer our questions. I think this is what makes the difference.


Do you think that the new developments of Chemlys are adapted to your needs ?
Totally, it helps us to pursue the planned developments of our project.


Comments ? Suggestions?
Keep it up !


Olivier RALLIERES is a research engineer at INP Toulouse in the laboratory LAPLACE – PLAsma and Energy Conversion Laboratory. Its research themes are centered around the characterization and modeling of fuel cells (PACAERO project) and electrolyzers of the PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) and SO (Solid Oxide) types.
LAPLACE Laboratory :
PACAERO project :


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