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CHEMLYS commits to client satisfaction and validates the first step of the ISO 9001 quality certification

As part of the company’s growth and the development of its activities, CHEMLYS has chosen to engage in a certification process ISO 9001.  The implementation of this quality management system seemed essential to us to continue to ensure the best quality of service to our clients.

What is the ISO 9001 standard and why have we embarked on this process?

We tell you more…

The satisfaction of our clients has always been at the center of our attention. This is what allows our teams to work on ever more innovative projects with the confidence of our clients and partners..

In order to continue our efforts and ensure your satisfaction, CHEMLYS has embarked on a quality certification process ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management systems and a guarantee of quality for our customers. This standard is focused on customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of the quality of products and services offered.

At a time when CHEMLYS is experiencing steady growth in its activities, the increase in business volume and the hiring of new employees require the implementation of a more structured organization to ensure the quality of our services and your satisfaction.

The objectives of the implementation of a quality management system

  • Client satisfaction : implementation of efficient processes to meet clients quality requirements
  • Involvement of the staff : the quality of the products and services, the reactivity in the whole of the contractual relation and the management of the dysfunctions could not be done without the involvement of all our collaborators and their adhesion to the approach
  • Continuous improvement : constant evolution of the QMS thanks to the implementation of performance indicators and audits allowing an analysis of the operation and the identification of improvement points

ISO 9001 is a beneficial standard for our entire company. Indeed, by improving and standardizing our quality processes, the satisfaction of our customers and partners remains at the center of our concerns. The company gains in efficiency and productivity while developing to be more and more competitive.

We hope to strengthen our ties of trust with all our public and private clients.

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