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CHEMLYS is 1 year old ! Thank you all for your trust, your welcome and your support in this beautiful adventure.


On January 26th, CHEMLYS celebrated its first birthday. Surrounded by its customers, partners and suppliers, the team shared a convivial event in Lyon – Confluence.

In this early morning and despite the rain, the whole team was ready to welcome you.

chemlys demo fusion micro gc

We thank you for having been so numerous to come to share with us this technical half-day and this convivial moment. On this occasion, we were able to see with great pleasure some of the well-known faces who have encouraged and supported us in this new adventure.

A live demonstration of the Micro GC Fusion in front of an attentive and knowledgeable audience presented the major innovations brought by this new generation of Micro GC.

demo micro gc fusion

At the end of the morning, we all met around a friendly buffet to continue the exchanges.

chemlys evenement

This event was a great success and confirms us in our approach centered on the expectations of our clients/partners. We also have a warm thought for all those who could not be with us because of the distance.

We still wish you a wonderful 2018 while there is still time!

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