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CHEMLYS has successfully installed the first Micro GC Fusion in France at Total’s CSTJF research center in Pau.

Fusion Total Pau

Installation MicroGC Fusion Total Pau

Accompanied by rain and clouds that hide the Pyrenees, CHEMLYS went to Pau to put into service the first MicroGC Fusion in France. The micro GC Fusion is the new innovative generation of micro GC’s. Thus our first client is prestigious : installation at Total’s CSTJF research center.

The outstanding innovation of this generation is the column temperature programming on each module. Thus it allows in this application to analyze light hydrocarbons up to C10 without compromise of resolution and sensitivity.

C8-C9 analyse

C8-C9 analysis in 120 seconds

CHEMLYS has installed a heated membrane filter upstream of the analyzer. This accessory limits the memory effect and adsorption of compounds on the cold walls while effectively protecting the analyzer from particles and liquids.

Finally, we would like to thank the L5 team for their welcome and trust and wish Marie all the best.